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How it works:

1. Choose your package                        

Are you a passionate biker? Or more the relaxed explorer? Or maybe experience the crazy change from winter to summer sports all in one day?  Or even all combined? Our unique packages are called «Ski&Sun», «Bike&Hike» or «Allrounder». With these heartwarming offers we want to blow your minds. Choose the package which suits you best. You should also choose how long the adventure should last (Allrounder 5 days). So tell us when and how many days you want to join for the adventure. 

If you feel like it's too easy or too hard, we are happy to adjust to your level. We are for individual requests. Rookies are also welcome.





2. Fill out the inscription form                 


To experience an unforgettable week you have to describe your interests as good as possible.

First of all give us a possibility to contact you. After that let us know the dates and the number of people joining. The next step you choose your package. 

If you wish we organize places to have lunch according to what you'd like to spend. We'll organize the rest. Same for accommodation. 

You have the agony of choice. 

3. Groups & school classes


We also offer the Adventure Days for groups and school classes. Just send us an email with your request to our address:


The participant insures itself.  

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