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Fun with movement and nature

For our little, funny and sunny buddies. For those which still have to discover the world. For those which never have enough. Our kids. 


Our camp provides your children a magnificent adventure, which includes everything. In one week they get the chance to discover everything Zermatt has to offer. 

They can experience various sports like wake boarding, climbing, hiking, biking and lets not forget skiing. In these trips we promise interesting and awesome journey.

Depending on the weather forecast the five activities will be sorted out through the week(Monday till Friday). On top of that we organize fantastic meals every lunch time. The equipment needed for these activities (bike, skis and hiking boots) are for you to bring. The shops in Zermatt have splendid rental offers.

The older kids also get the chance to sleepover at a mountain hut above Zermatt. In the previous years we slept at Fluhalp and Grünsee(Ze Seewjinu.

The camp normally takes place in July. Therefore each week will be sorted to an age group. To participate the kids have to be 8 years old.






Groups & school classes on request:



Prices are:

- incl. VAT

- incl. ski instructor, bike guide, wakeboard, train Täsch-Zermatt, lunch & one sleepover in a mountain hut

- excl. bike, ski equipment, skipass, bikepass & cablecar

- sleep in a hotel optional


Insurance is the responsibility of the participants!

               22.July - 26.July.2024 (from 8 years)



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